Enriching the lives of our young children is an important part of readying them for the world and success. This is why at our Frenchs Forest early childhood centre and Annandale childcare centre, we host our Fun Fridays! Attending Fun Fridays is a great way to balance work and family life by fitting in some memorable experiences with your son or daughter just as the weekend starts! Let’s take a look at some of the events and experiences we host for your child on Fun Fridays.

Puppet Shows

In past Fun Fridays, we’ve hosted exciting puppet shows! Watching a puppet show can help your young child with important formative skills, such as language development, social development, listening skills, empathy and creativity. By watching a specially curated story play out, children can learn more about how different characters interact and be taught moral lessons that help them differentiate between right and wrong.

Toddlers and young children can also benefit from playing with puppets themselves. Fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination can be improved while your child has fun moving the puppet with their hand and fingers.

Meet The Animals Experience

Besides being just plain fun, your toddler or child may learn a great deal from one of our up-close animal experiences. Interacting with an animal helps children practice empathy and caring, which translates to their relations with classmates, siblings, parents and other people as they grow older.

In addition, children can absorb new and fascinating facts about different animal species, which can help broaden their knowledge base. Children often find animals interesting ‒ especially cute ones like bunnies or “scary” ones like lizards and snakes ‒ which can help draw them out of their shells and begin questioning the world around them.

Cooking Experience

Exposing toddlers and young kids to cooking can teach them basic skills, like maths, in a super fun way! At our cooking experiences, we hope to help children safely explore their five senses and build their self-confidence. Cooking experiences can also help build healthy eating habits in our children during their young, formative years.

Musical Performances

Whether listening to upbeat performers or playing with instruments themselves, music can boost your child’s mood and coordination. Dancing to some tunes can improve children’s fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Learning through music is also naturally easier, which makes fun, educational songs that teach your child literacy or numeracy skills a double-win!

At MindChamps, we provide a safe space that makes children feel welcome and cared for from the moment they step through the door. Our Fun Fridays focus on enriching your child in Frenchs Forest or Annandale by kicking off the weekend with a bang! There are limited spots available at our Fun Fridays, so be sure to book a spot for your child by emailing us at au.elfrenchsforest@mindchamps.org.