Childcare is essential to your little one’s early learning and development. After the holiday period, adapting to a different environment can be challenging for all children and you as their parents.

Your child will encounter new people, routines and a completely different environment. Starting slow is crucial for ensuring an easy transition. You could opt for shorter days or stay with your child during the day in the beginning. Speaking to their educators will also help you understand what is best for them, having all the experience and knowledge to equip you with the best solution. Until then, we will look at four tips you can implement immediately.

Talk To Them About Their Feelings 

Children face many emotions during this time. They may experience anxiety, apprehension, fear and excitement. As a parent, it is beneficial to create open communication for them to express their feelings. It will help keep these feelings and thoughts in check.

Maintaining a positive approach to starting school, embracing change, and vocalising all thoughts and feelings is essential. Encourage resilience and determination while welcoming and supporting the nervous and anxious feelings that may arise.

Get Organised 

Ensuring you are organised for the day ahead will set your little ones off to a positive start. Aspects like preparing lunches and ensuring to mark clothing labels in the upcoming days will help alleviate stress when it is time to leave the house. Doing this allows you to focus on your child’s needs and emotions on the day of heading to school. If the morning is smooth sailing, everyone is more likely to remain calm throughout the day and when saying goodbye.

Craft A Before School Routine 

Having a solid routine before starting school instils a sense of expectation. The routine you set will become the new normal for your child. Doing things like packing their bag, getting an early night’s rest, and preparing their clothing is a great way to craft a healthy routine your child can grow accustomed to expecting each day.

Prioritise Downtime At Home 

Downtime at home is vital for giving your child the rest and recovery they need. Daycare is a stimulating environment, with lots of activities and other children’s energy. While every child is different, with some requiring more frequent naps or an earlier bedtime, downtime will give them the physical and mental energy they need to perform well and be in a good mood each day.

Childcare is a necessary and exciting part of children’s lives. However, after a long holiday break, starting the year can be daunting for a child. MindChamps provides a wholesome, welcoming and stimulating environment for all little ones. Discover more and book a tour at MindChamps Frenchs Forest childcare centre or our Annandale Childcare centre today.