An essential part of early learning and development for little ones is ensuring they are ready to take on school later. We believe the learning criteria to focus on during these early years are responsibility, holistic development, preparation for academic success and enjoyment of life. It all boils down to finding an ideal balance of all four components to produce a happy and well-rounded child ready for schooling.

While some preschools focus on high-pressure academic preparation and others focus primarily on a more holistic approach (take the Waldorf system as an example), MindChamps, an early childhood centre in Frenchs Forest and Annandale, aims to offer the perfect equilibrium of both.

Below, we go into greater detail regarding why our approach produces school readiness and the benefits of enrolling your little one at our centers

We Focus On Responsibility First

The main focus of teaching children responsibility is to raise them to show self-discipline, self-management, self-regulation and self-control. While obedience is important, we believe that children will naturally be more obedient when they understand their responsibility and why they are accountable for themselves and their actions.

Responsibility is simply accepting the need to do a task regardless of whether or not it is what they enjoy. This lesson teaches that they must, for example, complete their homework on time or pick up after themselves.

A Gentle Focus On Academics

While the holistic approach to learning is beneficial, we also need to consider that minimal focus on academics in the early learning development years can set children back when it comes time to enter the schooling system. We focus on numeracy and literacy to ensure children can problem-solve their way through other classes at school. Doing this also helps the child develop interest and the desire to do well in subjects that are not necessarily their favourite. Adjusting to more stringent regimes after preschool can be overwhelming. Therefore, we prepare children as much as possible to help them adapt seamlessly.

Encouragement Of Play, Arts And Time Outdoors

While your child gets the highest quality of research-backed preschool learning structures, we also see the importance of enjoyment of life through holistic development practices. We leverage an internationally-acclaimed curriculum that combines every aspect to create a fulfilling preschool experience.

We understand that a balance of work and play is the best of both, combining structured and unstructured techniques to create generations of well-rounded individuals through exploration, collaboration, critical thinking, team problem-solving, and experimental activities indoors and outdoors. We leverage the S.M.I.L.E.S.™ methodology and 3-Minds approach, which perfectly balances learning to produce open-minded, critically thinking young people in an ever-evolving world.

If you wish for the best of both structured and unstructured approaches to your preschooler’s learning to promote school readiness later on, consider enrolling your little one at our child care centers. Book a tour at MindChamps childcare centre in Frenchs Forest or Annandale today or visit our website for more information.