At MindChamps, we are experts in children and learning, offering parents safe, reliable childcare all over Australia. From our early learning centres in Frenchs Forest and Annandale, we offer your children a wholesome experience and engaging activities. Dealing with children and families on a daily basis, we understand that parents today can find it challenging to avoid screen time altogether.

Whether their children are exposed to a TV, smartphone, computer or tablet, screens are all around us and very much part of everyday life. According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, most Australian children spend more time on screens than is recommended. Many parents, especially those who grew up without screen time, find managing their children’s screen time a challenge and the negative effects it can have on their children.

Physical Challenges

Children who spend excessive time looking at screens have an increased risk of developing eye strain, poor posture, disturbed sleep patterns and even obesity.

Behavioural Effects

Too much screen time can result in behavioural problems in children. These children can show aggression and impulsive behaviour and become easily frustrated.

Social Stunts

Children who spend too much time using screens can find it more difficult to form and maintain social relationships and may delay communication skills like nonverbal cues and body language.

Enjoyable Pastimes To Cut Down On Screen Use

Many children would benefit from reducing their screen time. It is important for parents to go about reducing screen time the right way by introducing fun activities for children to engage with instead of a device.


Offering children crafting activities and a creative outlet provides an engaging activity that can also improve fine motor skills, increase creativity and promote self-expression.


Encourage your children to help you cook or bake in the kitchen. This can help kids learn about food and nutrition and offers a perfect opportunity to spend quality time together.


Children who read have better literacy, language, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Reading can be a calming, relaxing activity that reduces stress and provides a lifetime of enjoyment.

Learning Programs

Engage your children with outdoor activities or enrichment programs. Learning programs keep your child’s mind busy, reducing the desire for screen time.

Not all screen time is created equal. Some screen time can be interactive and beneficial, such as educational games and apps and can be promoted, while passive screen time is limited.

MindChamps offers your family a welcoming, wholesome, stimulating environment. To find out more about our program, book a tour at our Annandale childcare centre or our family day care in Frenchs Forest.