During early childhood development, your child’s brain works just like a sponge. They learn new information at a rapid rate, and the same is true for their linguistic development. If you want to teach your child to be bilingual, trilingual or to go over and above that, it’s best to get started on their language development as early as possible. At MindChamps, an early childhood centre based in Frenchs Forest and Annandale, we believe in the power of language and how it shapes the minds of our youth. Some of the benefits of learning new languages at a young age include: Faster Acquisition Between birth and 10 years old, children pick up foreign languages much easier and can learn to speak like a native in no time. After 10, it starts to become a bit more difficult; however, it is still possible with extra motivation and discipline. When you’re young, you’re able to learn through play and exploration. As people age, they tend to become more self-conscious, which may become a barrier down the line. It’s best for children to start early so that they can have fun while learning. Mental Health And Cognitive Benefits Studies show that early language learning aids in concentration, provides superior mental agility, teaches multi-tasking, enhances attention and memory and forms better understandings of the connections between various topics. Enhanced Study And Learning Skills In Other Areas Children who are fluent in multiple languages have been shown to outperform monolingual children in maths and verbalised tests by seven years old. Even if they are just actively listening and learning, not necessarily fluent, they seem to have an advantage in other learning areas. Cultural Interest When raising your child to speak multiple languages, you’re making them aware of a world outside of their own ‒ one where there are different cultures, languages, physical locations and more. You give them worldly knowledge that will help them be tolerant of those different from themselves and curious about making friends from different backgrounds. Future Opportunities It’s no secret that multilingual individuals are in high demand in the job market. They bring great value to the table by being able to communicate with an international audience in various aspects. Encouraging your child to speak a new language will open up more opportunities for them in the future. French Classes At MindChamps Frenchs Forest and Annandale With so many benefits to children learning new languages, it’s understandably become a strong topic in the parenting community. If you’re looking for an early childhood daycare centre in Frenchs Forest or at Annandale that offers language classes, reach out to us at MindChamps. We’d love to give you a tour of our facilities and learn more about your vision for your little one’s future.