Two-year-olds grow at an exceedingly fast pace, as they start to develop into childhood. Parents can expect to see their tiny toddlers become more confident in their bodies as they explore the world around them. From their brave walk-in every morning to an Annandale or Frenchs Forest childcare centre or insisting on helping in their way with household chores. Their newly acquired independence can make them feel as if they can do almost everything themselves. They are becoming fully-fledged little humans and it is both an exciting and nerve-wracking journey, as they push boundaries and grow into who they are as people.

As they develop, there are several milestones they will reach. This article examines areas that parents can take note of.

Cognitive And Language

  • Gain a sense of object permanence
  • Organises by shapes, colours, and even sizes
  • Engages in imagination play or make-believe
  • Identifies objects when called out for them
  • Points out different types of names of objects and people
  • Can show you specific body parts when called
  • Able to repeat words
  • Can understand instructions
  • Speak using basic words, phrases, and sentences

Emotional And Social

  • Shows off their new independence
  • Does not like hearing “No” and becomes more resilient
  • Separation anxiety can increase at this age
  • Excited about being around other children
  • Copies behaviour they see around them

Body And Movement

  • Able to walk, run and can even kick a ball
  • Easily moving up and down furniture
  • Unassisted up and down stairs
  • Can carry different objects or toys while walking
  • Enjoys stacking blocks
  • Quick to drawing and scribbling motions
  • Pours out of containers more smoothly

Your world is expanding and so is their imagination. You can expect them to entertain themselves for longer intervals these days, with fun little activities and games that they whip up all by themselves. In terms of language, their vocabulary is also increasing and they may start using different words more frequently.

This is a period in which your interacts with people and objects more easily, as they gain confidence. They enjoy the company of specific people or children. They are also likely to start working out how to regulate their emotions with your help. And their personalities start to shine through much more clearly than before. 

Their brains are moving rapidly, increasing their cognitive and language abilities every day. But their physical body, hands and fingers and other motor skills are being developed too. As they grow, they can feel more steadfast in their movements and their ability to control them. During this phase, you may notice your toddler starting to favour one hand more than the other, as their brain works out which has better grip and strength.

These milestones can vary from child to child, but act as an informative guide to monitoring your toddler’s development. provide your child with well-rounded interactions to support their development. We are professionals based in Frenchs Forest and Annandale, offering exceptional care and nurturing environments for your children in childcare to tour our facilities for your little one today with .