The early years of any child’s life are by far the most important, setting the foundations for the years of growth ahead. We believe this whole-heartedly, based on alignment with the Early Years Framework and decades of research. With this in mind, we strive to nurture these foundations giving every young one an opportunity to grow into an independent, kind and considerate child.

 Are you looking for a childcare centre where your child will feel comfortable, safe and loved? Their home away from home? Then consider booking in for a tour of our facilities and becoming  a member of the MindChamps family as together we raise, educate and empower the next generation children.

 Unmatched Curriculum

 Our curriculum, aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework, is based on decades of research. We ensure that your little one receives the best possible engaging activities to help see them through effectively to the next chapter of their development.

 So, which little ones can benefit from this approach in 2023?

 Nursery Schoolers (0-2 Years)

 We offer unwavering support by giving your baby the best start with safety, control and attention our top priority. It is much easier to place your baby in care when you know they are safe, comfortable and loved. Our experienced carers and a low child-to-carer ratio mean your child has the best experience from the moment they join our centre. You can expect a home-like feel with cosy cot rooms, a focus on sleep, eat and play, and tailored routines with communication through our parent app.

 Toddlers (2-3 Years)

 At MindChamps, toddlers explore, discover and play. Offering a unique array of programs to ensure every day is different encourages your toddler to develop movement and social skills. Walking through the doors, friendly, familiar faces trained in Early Childhood Education and Care will greet you in a purpose-made environment. You can expect top quality educational resources and toys, a crafted play experience, and a focus on nurturing life reading.

 Preschool (4-6 Years)

 Our preschool facilities are the perfect preparation for the next phase: primary school. Building on the foundations laid in the baby and toddler years, this is when learning begins gaining momentum. We encourage preschoolers to be more independent while making their own choices and help them develop problem-solving skills in a more structured environment.

 Our Environments

 We provide the best learning environments for your little ones, as we believe unique environments encourage growth and learning. Our Frenchs Forest and Annandale centres offer the best outdoor play environments, from sandpits to fairy gardens and water play. Our light-filled indoor environments are divided into three age rooms with dedicated spaces for them to enjoy filled with toys and resources.

 The MindChamps Early Learning & Preschool Difference

 Research indicates that children who access early education are more likely to develop a learning mindset for life. Therefore, choosing high-quality childcare for your little one is one of the most important decisions you will make in their lives.

 We welcome you and your family to come and have a chat with us to see what availability we have for 2023. Make the new year, a year filled with bonding, skills development, playtime and unmatched care. If you’re interested in finding out more, please reach out to us today to book a tour at MindChamps Frenchs Forest childcare centre or our Annandale Childcare Centre (Childcare Centre Frenchs Forest).